Steve Jobs is violently against porn for the iPhone and iPad, but it seems Microsoft may have other ideas.

Photo is from Original photo has since been deleted from the Flickr account of the Microsoft employee who took this photo. Photo was taken with a HTC Evo running on Android.

This photo was part of a parade at Microsoft to celebrate the availability of the manufacturing version of Microsoft’s new mobile OS.

Part of the parade also saw the funeral march of the iPhone and Blackberry as a taunt to signal the arrival of the iPhone and Blackberry killer.

Strangely, Android wasn’t part of this funeral march. 

While this float might have been in jest to Steve Job’s “no sex in iPhone or iPad”, it could lead to possible misinterpretation.

Parents might choose the iPhone over the Windows Mobile 7 phone or Windows Mobile 7 users might be sterotype as mobile sex addicts. As such, it could lead for consumers to stay disassociated with the new Microsoft mobile OS.

It is no wonder the photo was deleted.


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