The New Facebook Groups that was recently launched was touted to be great for Facebook users looking to share information with a small number of friends privately rather than openly in public.

However, with Taggo’s recent tie-up with NUS School of computing to partner with their students Facebook project with retailers, the new Facebook Groups was a godsend as a tool to communicate with these student groups en-mass rather than having to mass email to the participating groups.

There are four categories of privacy in the new Facebook Groups and if you are concern of public looking at the content, you can set it to the highest level of privacy at Secret Group so only members can see the content and none of the members will be shown as being part of this group.

The New Facebook Groups has allowed me to address the issue faced by some Facebook users who encounter the message below when activating the taggo me app on the retailers Facebook Page.

"Taggo me cannot detect your Likes. Please go to your profile and make sure your Likes box is set to allow your interests and other pages to be visible to everyone".

This message appears when the Facebook user has set the privacy setting of their LIKES to that other than EVERYONE.

So instead of mass emailing the NUS groups involved, I posted the message with steps to address this.

The advantage of doing this through Facebook Groups is that those who are invited to join the Group at a later stage can see the ideas and solution shared among the users of Taggo.

The new Facebook Groups also worked as a Customer Service Solution with the the students. For example, one of the groups had a user who wanted to key in the 9 digit ID number from the old ez-link card and the issue was raised in the Group.

As the new Facebook Groups updates the status immediately, I was able to respond within 30 mins and got an immediate feedback from the group.

Having raised that problem of entering the ID number from the old ez-link card, future members invited to this group will be able to refer to the post.

We have also set up a Taggo User Group aimed at retailers and agencies so as to use this platform to communicate ideas, problems and solutions with the clients.

There is also a Taggo Internal for internal communications which we have also used the events field to schedule meetings with clients or for installation.

As such, if you are a small startup or have limited funds, you might want to consider the new Facebook Groups as a platform to communicate effectively and at the same time using the features of social networks to reach out to your internal team.


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