A friend asked about setting KPIs for one of the LinkedIn group that the department created to link to a corporate portal.

The department has set up a LinkedIn page and are looking to use it to promote and drive members to their community portal. As such, the question posed was “What would be a good KPI measurement for this LinkedIn page? How about having two levels - # of members on the LinkedIn Page and # of signups at the community portal? Finally, what would be realistic target number? Is there any industry benchmark on the number of members a corporate LinkedIn page typically gets?”

Given that this was a corporate B2B LinkedIn group, setting a generic number count as a KPI would be good for the ego but not for the productivity.

As such, I advised the following:

1. Set KPI to the number of decision makers in the Group.

As LinkedIn is more corporate and b2b than other social networks, I highlighted that it was important for the team to come up with a list of a who’s who of decision makers they want in the group. Set the real KPI to the number of these decision makers who have joined the group against the wish list.

This would bring about quality in the members who are in the group who can make decision as opposed to just having a huge number of group followers whom will just join and forget your group.

The team must also take the effort to manually invite these decision makers who attend their roundtables and events to join the group. This means going through their name cards and emailing them a personal invite to join this LinkedIn group.

2. Identify sales leads (direct and indirect) and follow-up on the sales process.

LinkedIn can be a source of sales leads and this could be from direct or indirect requests. But most importantly, once the sales leads have been identified, it is important for the team to work with the sales team and  follow-up on the process of the sales and find out what which part of the process it stopped.

Direct sales leads usually come from direct questions. But there are some who might ask question about a certain technology related to this company, but this could show that the asker might be interested in it which could lead to sales.

As such, the marketing team should work with the sales team to on the various steps taken to engage and close the deal.

3. Measure clickthroughs to community portal

LinkedIn doesn’t display bit.ly links for one to measure how clicks. As such, it is also important for the team to put in a form of analytics to find out how many clicks come from LinkedIn.

Also the analytics could also help them identify keywords that people are searching and hitting their web site. These keywords could be used as headlines in sharing new stories or future content in LinkedIn as this could possibly be what the industry players are asking for at the moment.


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