(Update: Bakerzin has extended the duration of the expired vouchers. http://socialpr.blogspot.com/2010/12/update-on-bakerzin-vouchers-turning.html)

In the age of Internet where almost every bit and byte is travelling at the speed of late, Bakezin Facebook chose to reward their fans with snail mail vouchers.

Unfortunately,the time taken to process the vouchers and for the postman to deliver them resulted in fans receiving vouchers that were going to expire the next day.


Hell knows no fury like a fan scorned. A comment from Melissa Heng resulted  in other fans and received negative comments from other fans. Not only are such comments open to the 8000+ fans on the Facebook Page, it also is read by her friends.

imageWhy subject your brand to such negativity on Facebook after all the hard work to get Facebook Fans to like you?

So why not provide fans a quick, easy cost effective way to be rewarded at Bakerzin without having to spend the whole week waiting for expired vouchers?

Taggo would have simplified the process and even reduce the cost of processing the vouchers. All in two steps.

  1. All fans of Bakerzin need to do is link their ezlink card number via the same Facebook.
  2. Go to Bakerzin, tap and be recognised as a fan to receive fan benefits.

The sign up is immediate and therefore allows fan to enjoy benefits on the stop rather than wait a week or more to get the promotion.

While the call to get fans to enter their email address at the Facebook Page, it did do its job to get fans, close to 3000 in three weeks. But now that the promotion to get these vouchers have stopped, the growth in fans has reach a plateau.

The simple reason is that when the fan hand over the vouchers at the shop, the only social activity is better the fan and the cashier. As such, the fan’s friends are not aware of this.

But if a fan tap the ezlink card to be recognised as a fan, it starts a viral effect by updating the fan’s wall about Bakerzin’s promotions so that the fan’s friend can see. Friends who see the updates can also like the page to enjoy the promotion.

As such, Bakerzin need not set a time limit to the sign up to enjoy the fan benefit. It could be done anytime and even in store.

Cost wise, Bakerzin offered a “bribe” of about SGD120 to exchange for the fan’s mailing address. What about the cost of postage and the printing of the vouchers?

Say the total cost in all adds up to SGD150. Is it worth it for Bakerzin to have spend in all SGD500,000 to get 3000 new fans only to be risked negativity of fans because of technical issues and delays?

Taggo charges a minimal acquisition fee that would have only cost Bakerzin 1.5% of that amount spend on getting these 3000 fans.


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