One of the biggest challenge for brands or agencies today is to get fans to join their Facebook Pages. For Indonesian Panggang outlet at NUS, a activation day started a viral effect among their fans’ friends that saw an increased in new likes a day of 8 to 20.

Indonesian Panggang Case Study

Prior to Oct 27 2010, Indonesian Panggang was only looking at an average of 8 new fans a day. Most of these new fans would join the Page when there was content updated onto the wall. Days without any content would see very little activity on their page.

The activation drive on Oct 27 2010 and we had close to 34+ new fans joining the Indonesian Panggang Facebook Pge and tapping at the cashier to get the 10% off which the stall was offering fans.

Unlike most activation campaigns which focused on new LIKES, the registration was done away from the cashier and thus the cashier require fans to tap to be recognised as a fan.

But on that day itself, there were more than 34+ fans joining Indonesian Panggang Facebook Page. A total of 88 new fans joined on Oct 27 while another 81 joined the next day.

It trickled down as the days went by, but now Indonesian Panggang now sees an average increase of 20 new fans per day with minimum postings.

What caused this increased in new fans joining the Page?


Whenever a fan taps to be identified as a fan at the cashier, it will activate a status update to show that the Facebook user has been recognized as a fan and the fan shares with his/her friends about the promotion at Indonesian Panggang.

On average, each Facebook users would have about 100 friends so each tap will result in an impression of 100. Also, each tap could spur conversation between friends about the venue.

My recent post on brands not rewarding show two comments on LinkedIN.

Wrote Joy Tang,

I also dislike Facebook pages which only offer a one-time discount as a reward for joining their Facebook page. While you do get a one-time discount, that's it. What else is there to keep me as a fan?

A digital account manager wrote,

I see so many pointless Facebook campaigns that hoard fans and then just forget about them. I think there is a tension in social media marketing at the moment between demands from consumers and clients: consumers at best want interaction with a brand (and at worst instant gratification in the form of prizes and rewards), whereas clients/brands want instant gratification in terms of large numbers of fans relative to opponents. To be honest, from what I have seen in Singapore, the client side's focus on numbers of fans always seems to win as the major KPI of campaigns - and likewise they fail to understand the importance of relationships with existing fans.

Giving brands the capability to recognise and reward fans provides them with the solution to the problems above.

Taggo allows brands to award long following fans or new likes. The instant gratification which the fan/consumer look for can be done by rewarding the fan/consumer on the spot.

Brands who are looking for numbers now have an addition medium – the fan’s Facebook wall – to get more fans for their Facebook Page. This, therefore, increases the number of customers to the venue.


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