There was quite an excitement over Lenovo Singapore Foursquare campaign at the recently ended Sitex 2010. One Singapore blogger expected the promotion to cause a trend among Foursquare users in Singapore. Kudos to Singapore Lenovo to use Foursquare for SITEX.

Wrote DK,

Think this is the first time a company in Singapore uses Foursquare at a consumer IT exhibition like this. With such promotion, the Lenovo booth will most likely be trending every morning. Once the location is trending, other Foursquare users nearby will see the location in the trending list. It’s a good way to inform visitors the booth location. I wonder how is the success rate.

The campaign was rather simple. Check in to Lenovo’s Sitex booth on Foursquare and get a mystery gift. The first 30 check in daily would get a mystery prize. As such, I would assume that Lenovo Singapore was looking to get a total of 120 check ins over the four days of Sitex 2010.


However, at the end of Sitex 2010, only 12 unique Foursquare users check in. Given that Fabian N. is a Lenovo staff, only 11 unique Foursquare users check in. As such 9.16% of the expected 120 check in was achieved.

Lenovo Singapore Facebook Page has about 1,593 fans and the Foursquare promotion was first updated on the wall a day before Sitex. With 11 unique Foursquare users check in and assuming that these 11 are fans of Lenovo Facebook Page, only 0.69% of the Facebook fans responded to the Foursquare campaign.

One possible reason for the low check in was probably due to bad 3G connection at SITEX, however, the irony here would have been that all the three major telcos Singtel, M1 and Starhub were probably showing off their 3G wares at SITEX.

Commented Lester Chan on DK’s blog post,

It is a little difficult to do that, it is impossible for me to get a data connection inside the hall!

The low check in could also mean that a majority of Singapore smartphone users are not that into Foursquare, yet.

When Fabian, the Lenovo employee, who check in, his Facebook wall was updated about his location at SITEX. Given that he has 800+ friends, it also showed that his friends were not responding to the Foursquare campaign either.

Lenovo Singapore could have made better use of their Facebook Page during SITEX. From their Facebook Page (, Lenovo Singapore were only looking to promote a copy of their SITEX ad and the Foursqaure campaign.

With the Facebook Page having 1,593 fans and assuming that each fan has an average of 150 friends, wouldn’t it be better if Lenovo Singapore updated the wall with the special pricing of their notebooks on promotion.

For example, the update would have just said “"Lenovo G460 at SGD899 (SGD500 off original price) at SITEX 2010. Visit Booth 4C-01”. A wall update like this would have populated more users wall and is easier to read and understand.

Some might overlook the ad by not clicking on the picture or may not have a Foursquare app on their mobile phone.

Lenovo Singapore should have also look at providing its 1,593 fans some sort of benefits at SITEX for being a fan. Maybe a fan recognised at the booth when making a purchase gets an additional SD card. This would have also given Lenovo Singapore the opportunity to do a drive at the booth to get more fans.

It is quite interesting that Lenovo Singapore chose to ignore the Fans on its Facebook Page and start another campaign on another social nework.

As a consumer brand, wouldn’t it be better to be communicating to 2,000 fans instead of 1,593?

This leads to the next point. If Lenovo Singapore had gathered 120 check in or more, what can it with that database?

The Foursquare venue of Lenovo Booth 4C01@ SITEX 2010 is only for SITEX 2010 . Unless Lenovo Singapore has decided to make Lenovo Booth 4C01 a permanent feature at SITEX, they would have just gather 120 check in and not be able to do something next year with the 120 check in.

A new booth at SITEX 2011 means Lenovo Singapore would means they would again have to start with a new venue on Foursquare and from 0 check in.


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    November 29, 2010 at 2:41 PM

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