The above picture says it all.  On the right shows a standee that says OCBC credit card users get 5% off at Cafe Le Caire. On the right, there’s a Cafe Le Caire poster says fans get 20% discount when you present your ez-link card to be identified as a fan.

If you were a customer at Cafe Le Caire, what discount would you go for?

Banks in Singapore are offering their credit card users discounts but have problems getting retailers to commit huge promotions that will entice their credit card users to pay with their card.

The simple reason is that there are no real benefits that banks can offer these retailers, except for the printing of the standee and the name of their booklets that nobody reads.

It is the retailers that absorb the 10% discount,  not the banks. In addition, when the customer pay with a credit card, the retail shop have to pay a merchant fee plus the monthly rental for the POS equipment.

In this social media decade, the transaction between the customer and the retail shop is rather anti-social. The banks have no idea how to link payments with popular social networks, like Facebook. Ask OCBC if they have a solution to help the retail shop to market them on Facebook.

So why are retailers willing to give Facebook fans who activate with Taggo greater benefits?

First of all, the use of the ez-link card is only for identifying reason and no payment or transaction is made you present your ez-link card to tap. All it does is it identifies the customer as a fan.

The retailer is open to accept cash or other forms of payment methods that is the less costly to the retailer.

But the most important is that when a customer is identified as a fan, he gets the additional benefits because the retailer is sort of “paying” to get a status update up on his wall. This status update helps spread the existence of the retailer’s Facebook page.

His friends can see the status update and will most likely click on the link to the Facebook Page.

Taggo doesn’t not track what you buy and post it on Facebook. That to us is rather creepy.

However, what we do show is that you, the customer, has been identified as a fan and have enjoyed fan benefits. Wouldn’t you want to share the benefit for being a fan with your friends?

If banks are interested to work with Taggo to help their retailers enjoy the viral benefits of social networks and the new social media generation with your credit cards, contact Taggo at


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