Advocate/Burson-Masteller recently interviewed Burson-Marsteller APAC CEO Bob Pickard and uploaded on Youtube.

Given that the video was recorded with a Flip-cam, the digital team should have at least invested in a tripod and a external mic to improve the quality of the video.

The video was rather shaky throughout and gave me a headache just a few seconds into the interview. The answers from Bob were rather inaudible at times.

The BM Advocate team should look at investing in a Flip Video Tripod to reduce the shaking and an external mic for better audio quality.

Though it shows initiative for the team to do a video interview with the Asia CEO, it creates the perception of the amateurish approach the digital team took to do an interview with a CEO.

If you are a small brand with limited funds, yes, your mobile phone could be the only tool you would use. However, if you are using a video to represent your corporation, you want to give your video a little shine to well present your company.


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