Print publications cannot avoid the lure of creating Facebook Pages. Her World Singapore has 5000+ fans, HWM Philippines has 18,000 fans, but the ultimate question for these publications how can you make money from Facebook Pages.

Enter Taggo.

SauceINK, an online print publication, has teamed up with Taggo to allow their fans to check in at theblogshop @ 35 Haji Lane in Singapore to enjoy fan benefits.

Taggo SauceINK

Unlike other Taggo clients, SauceINK do not have a retail venue. Their advertisers, however, do have.

When a fan checks-in at the theblogshop upon purchase, the fan’s wall will show a status update which promotes both the publication and the advertiser.


At the end of the campaign, SauceINK can report to their advertisers to inform them how many of their fans visited their outlets with the possible value of purchase made.

This extends SauceINK use of their Facebook Page, from just a communication tool to update fans on the latest in the magazine to a very simple CRM solution where fans can get benefits at their advertiser’s outlet.

If you are in the publication industry, now there is a real intrinsic value to create Facebook Pages and provide fans a direct relationship with advertisers.


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