To blog or not to blog? That was the question a remisier posed to me after a short presentation I made on the "so what, who cares and why me?" of blogging.

So what if this remisier blogged? By asking this question, it helps to set the reasons for blogging. The remisier highlighted his reason to blog was to position himself and his firm to be one of the few remisier who shares the morning analysis of the stock market.

Who cares help to set the audience whom the remisier would like to target. This resulted in a very insightful discussion. The remisier shared that his high net worth clients would choose SMS as preferred choice of communication. This group of clients tend to be more senior in age. Even those who carry a Blackberry would rather check their email on the PC.

So his high net worth audience wouldn't be his blog audience. So is it worth his time to blog?

It turns out that the remisier would like to use social medium to target the Internet savvy generation, often perceived as younger, as a new market waiting to tap. But wouldn't an Internet savvy audience rathe trade online without a remisier?

Possibly, but the remisier added that the share market is still a social game which needs a middle man for that interaction.

Asking why me helps to set the content of your blog. However the remisier did admit that he would be treading a fine line if he gave predictions that didn't come true so he should start with more general description of the trends to come.

Blogging isn't easy. It takes passion and energy to blog. Time will also determine your authority on the subject at home.

Asking these three questions, however, do provide you with the right reason to blog.



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