(Update: According to a tweet from Melody, she received an email from AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes and a call  from AirAsia to inform her that refund procedures started on Dec 28, 2010.)

In Blackberry mobile app AirAsia may trust.

A passenger, however, unfortunately encountered a bug in the app that accepted the passenger’s credit card payment, issued a booking number but the ticket was not reflected as confirm when the passenger checked the online system and service staff.

The passenger had no choice but to book another ticket online.

A few days passed and the passenger was shocked to see her credit card issuer had charged her for making the payment via AirAsia Blackberry app. This started her agonising voyage of trying to get a refund, only to be send in circles.

Wrote Melody Ng on Facebook,

Nov 9, 2010

-       Made a booking via AirAsia Blackberry mobile app. Payment made via credit card transaction of RM148.00

-       Received booking number (Dxxxxx) but status of flight booking remained as “Pending”

-       Logged in to check status of booking – system did not recognize booking number. No such record when searched for Dxxxxx

-       Went on to make another booking for the same flight.

-       Received booking number (Rxxxxx), and this time, status of booking “Confirmed”

Nov 22, 2010

-       Received Credit Card statement with RM148.00 charged. Credit Card statement also mentions the AirAsia booking number - Dxxxxx

-       Called Self Help Menu to check on Dxxxxx – no such record.

-       Called Premium Customer Service Line* – Customer Service agent confirmed that there was no such booking. Advised to send my case to acc_doc@airasia.com with a full explanation and a scanned copy of credit card statement.

-       *Paid RM24.31 for that call, half the time of which was listening to AirAsia advertisements

Nov 26, 2010

-       Sent email to acc_doc@airasia.com with full account of case.

-       Received auto-response email.

Nov 30, 2010

-       No reply from acc_doc@airasia.com since first email.

-       Left a note on AirAsia Facebook page, requested for assistance. (http://www.facebook.com/AirAsia/posts/10150097055372387)

-       Advised to forward the case to facebook@airasia.com

-       Sent case to facebook@airasia.com, as advised.

-       No reply from facebook@airasia.com.

Dec 9, 2010

-       Still no reply from facebook@airasia.com

-       Sent follow up email to facebook@airasia.com.

-       No reply.

Dec 12, 2010

-       Left a complaint on AirAsia Facebook page. (http://www.facebook.com/AirAsia/posts/10150103561572387 &http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=112761588793872&id=18801397386#!/AirAsia/posts/112761588793872)

-       No comment or reply from AirAsia Facebook team.

Dec 12, 2010

-       Submitted online feedback form, explaining the case ALL OVER AGAIN.

-       Received Auto-generated response with Case number (CAS-xxxxxx-xxxxxx CRM:xxxxxxx‏)

Dec 22, 2010

-       Received email from Nurul Amirah (via donotreply@airasia.com), apologizing for the ‘long delay’, informing that they have issued the problem to the ‘relevant department’ for ‘urgent follow up’.

-       And I quote: “They will revert back to you as soon as possible and assist you further.”

-       Did not receive any follow up emails or calls after this.

Jan 3, 2011

-       Still no reply from AirAsia’s ‘relevant department’.

-       1.59pm: Complained to @AirAsia on Twitter – recounted EVERYTHING.

-       2.14pm: Was directed to @AskAirAsia instead.

-       Recounted the whole case and gave full Case Reference No.

-       3.17pm: @AskAirAsia assured that Amirah will work on it and get back to me.

-       2.59pm: Amirah sent 2nd email (via donotreply@airasia.com) apologizing for the long delay. I quote: “We have resent another important notification via email to them to speed up their action in replying your email enquiry.”

Jan 21, 2011

-   Still no updates of reply from ANY AirAsia department.

-       5.22pm: DM-ed @AskAirAsia to enquire on latest updates. Gave full Case number, AGAIN.

Jan 24, 2011

-       10.18am: Received reply from @AskAirAsia, assuring that Amirah will get back to on this.

-       10.01am: Received 3rd email from Amirah (via donotreply@airasia.com).

-       QUOTE: “Dear Melody Ng, Referring to your tweet that you have sent to us earlier, we believe our Call Centre Team have responded and update you back in December 22nd 2010 in regards of the refund under booking number Dxxxxx. Please do not hesitate to revert back to us if need further clarification.”


-       10.44am: I tried to ‘revert back’, (replying to donotreply@airasia.com, how else should I reply when Amirah did not leave a proper contact email or phone number??)

-       10.46am: Received Delivery Status Notification informing of failure to deliver my reply.

-       11 am: Resorted to reply (in batches) via DM to @AskAirAsia.

-       QUOTE: “Dear Amirah - I did NOT receive any calls from the Call Centre Team on December 22nd, and definitely did not receive any updates regarding the refund.

I have only received ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS of the complaint case via email (donotreply@airasia.com) on December 22, and again on January 3 (AFTER i asked via @askairasia) and have not received any updates on the refund process.

Kindly update me via email or call me at 016-xxx xxxx explaining how the refund will be carried out.



-       Reply from @AskAirAsia: “hi melody,pls b advised that amirah is not part of our twitter team. i suggest u create a new feedback n attention it to her =)”

BY NOW, I have lost all patience I had with AirAsia's Customer Service.

From the post, it seems that while AirAsia has boasted its participation on the popular social networks, their approach isn’t that social after all and is still a traditional top down approach. This is seen from the non-response to Melody’s complain on AirAsia’s Facebook Page.

While kudos for Amirah trying to solve Melody’s problem, the canned message from AirAsia asking Melody to feedback to AirAsia via a donotreply@airasia.com is another example of the top-down approach that AirAsia still take on handling customer complains.

The question about Melody’s refund is still left unresolved and she is only left to the conclusion that she has made a unjust and unwilling donation to AirAsia’s bottomline.


  1. Merchant Services  

    April 27, 2011 at 2:13 AM

    Bad experience. The error in the payment can be acceptable but the customer service of AirAsia is not. I had the same experience with a different airline and it took months before I got the refund. But at least I got it.. Hope it will be resolved soon.

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