The IT journos are usually the ones asking the spokesperson of various brands their prediction would be for the year ahead.

I thought I flipped the funnel to ask IT journos what they are looking out for in 2011 which could shape IT industry.

Kashminder Singh, Group Managing Editor at One World Solutions in Malaysia, shared that he be on the look out for the tablets wars between the 9 inches and 7 inches, Smartphone OS competition and IPTV.

Kashminder said, “Tablets. Which tablet will prevail? 9 inch tablets like the iPad or smaller ones like the PlayBook? I think BOTH will do well.

“Smartphones and the OS wars: Will Android crush Apple? Will Windows Phone 7 stun everbody by delivering a knockout blow one both? Will Nokia rise or sink further? This has all the makings of a top notch thriller.

“IPTV. I believe its time has come. If not this year; very soon. I am watching with interest the early days of the trend that will kill off the TV as we know it.”

Neighbourly IT journos in Singapore like Chan Chi-loong. who contributes regularly at Techgoondu, shared that he be looking out for the availability of cheaper 2nd generation Android tablets, and the arrival of games like Guildwars 2 or Diablo 3, whichever is first.

Chua Hian Hou, technology correspondent at The Straits Times, however highlighted a technology that have been overlooked and which have also contributed to the success of the iPad.

Hian Hou said, “I'll just put in one point: solid state drives. Nobody really talks about it since it's well, storage.

“But I think it's a key reason why the iPad took off. It's a insta-gratification society, and consumers, especially those with cash to spare, no longer want to wait for a computing device to boot up.

“So, beyond the sexy design, the user-friendly interface, the nice touchscreen, it's the I-wanna-surf-the-Net-NOW factor that contributed to its success, and also why people are willing to pay for it vs get a double-the-function netbook for half the price.

“For 2011: we'll see more solid state devices; I suspect some mid-tier notebooks will also offer solid state options too. I'd get one for sure, if I can afford it :D.”

Thanks for the input, guys!


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