There are more reasons to like the Digital Life Facebook Page at

Taggo is partnering with Digital Life at the upcoming IT Show in Singapore, from 10 March to 13 March 2011, to recognise fans of Digital Life and offer them direct fan benefits on the spot.

All you need to do is like Digital Life Facebook Page, click on the fan recognition link (just below the profile picture) and enter your ezlink card number. It is that simple.

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During IT Show, Digital Life will have a booth there where you can also activate your ezlink card. So come prepared with your Facebook account and your ezlink card.

How can you enjoy Fan Benefits at the IT Show?

There will two ways to enjoy your Fan Benefits at the IT Show.

First method is to tap your ezlink card at the Digital Life booth (to be announced) and you will be given coupons which you can redeem for benefits from the various participating vendors’ booths.

(Just tap your ez link card on the reader. It is so easy even my two-year-old son can tap.)

Some vendors have agreed to have fans identify themselves at the their own booths where, upon payment, you would need to tap to be identified as a fan and enjoy fan benefits. Watch out for posters at the booths which will say something like the poster below.

(Poster below is a mockup that is being shared with the vendors to get them on board. The offer below is by no means the official  or final one.)



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