Taggo – Facebook Fan Recognition – is in action at the Retail World Asia 2011.

We were invited by IBM and our partner EBR to demonstrate how Taggo – Facebook Fan Recognition – can be easily installed into a IBM POS (Point of Sale) machine and be used at an retail outlet.

Simulating a fashion outlet, Jolt.F, we provide retailers the experience on how Taggo – Facebook Fan recognition – identify Facebook fans of the retailers’ Facebook Pages at the point of sale.

DSC_0013In this scenario, the “cashier” performs the regular sales transaction with the customer over the counter. Before payment, the “cashier” will ask for the customer if he is a fan of Jolt.F Facebook Page.


The customer takes out his credit/debit card, loyalty card and transit card, which he has used to register and link at the Jolt.F Facebook Page.

When the customer is recognised as a fan, the “cashier” can give the 20% discount to the fan.

But why is the retailer willing to give the customer/fan the 20% discount?

In return for the 20% discount, the fan has given permission, upon installing the Taggo app, to allow the retailer to advertise on his wall with a short status update to market to this fan’s network of friends.


The friend, attracted by the FANtastic discounts, can LIKE the status update or comment on it. This means his friends can also see the discount. If he is interested, he could also click on the JOLT.F link to join the Facebook Page. If he already has a JOLT.F loyalty card, he could link it. Otherwise, he could sign up for one.

When this fan shops and get the FANtastic discount, he also markets to his friends.

In short, Taggo turns the act of payment into the start of a viral marketing campaign initiated by a paying customer who is fan of the retailers’ Facebook Page.

Come down to the IBM booth at Retail World Asia 2011 and find out more about Taggo.


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