Some of the opposition have highlighted that the role of Non-Constituency Members of Parliament or NCMP is that of a second class MP without any voting rights.

The three best losers who will be invited to take on the role as NCMP will be SPP’s Lina Chiam for Potang Pasir, WP’s Yee Jenn Jong for Joo Chiat and one WP’s representative from East Coast GRC team.

I am not very sure of how the NCMP scheme work, so I am making some assumptions.

Though SPP’s Lina Chiam might be given the role for NCMP, I hope she rejects it to give it the forth best losing party which will be the NSP team for Marine Parade. I am not sure if the NCMP scheme works this way.

But if it does, I would NSP to nominate Nicole Seah as their choice of NCMP. Nicole’s presence in parliament would ignite interest of politics among the younger generation. Wouldn’t this make for a interesting run up to GE2016?

So for WP, I hope Yee Jenn Jong takes up the role and represent the entrepreneurs and SMBs of Singapore as promised in his campaign. Singapore’s economy future needs such entrepreneurs and SMBs to be the foundation given how MNCs fickle to changing economic environment.

I am torn between Gerald Giam or Glenda Han for the other NCMP role as part of the East Coast GRC best losing team. My vote, however, goes to Glenda Han as her experience in the past two elections and that of being NCMP would prepare her well for GE2016.

Workers’ Party will put all its strength to defend Aljunied GRC in GE2016 so this means a new team A needs to be put forward to win another GRC.

East Coast GRC might be the next hot spot for GE2016.


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