The last Workers’ Party rally I went was five years at the Serangoon Stadium, the Workers’ Party were also running for elections for East Coast GRC but I don’t remember a rally at Bedok Stadium then.

The Workers’ Party came to Bedok Stadium this year round and a day before PAP’s. This was due to the early queuing by the Workers’ Party for rally sites.

What struck me at the rally in Bedok Stadium was that I saw more young working adults at the Workers’ Party rally cheering for the speakers. In comparison, the last rally in Serangoon Stadium felt more like it was attended by Workers’ Party diehards.

Attending the Workers’ Party rally at Bedok Stadium reminded me of the days at National Stadium to watch the Malaysia Cup matches. Sometimes, it was the remarks shouted by the audience that made the highlights of the boring draw. So rather then post the official speeches, I would rather put down the reaction of the crowd.

“Why does the Govt only give you money one week before the elections?” asked L Somasundaram, WP candidate for Moulmein Kallang GRC.

One audience shouted “KELONG MONEY”.  Kelong in Singapore slang refers to bribery.

When Frieda Chan, another WP candidate for Moulmein Kallang GRC, said "PAP always ask Singaporeans to look at the their track records.” Somebody behind me said “Yeah, PAP always THREATen us!”. Probably track records sounded like THREAT record.

There are three entrepreneurs asking for us to vote for them, Yee Jenn Jong for Joo Chiat SMC, Gerald Giam and Glenda Han for East Coast GRC.


Jenn Jong took the opportunity at the rally to share his experience as an entrepreneur in Singapore. One of his greatest qualms was how Singapore startups and SMBs are often given the short end of the stick especially when tendering for Government contracts.

This is because he felt Government agencies were willing to take risk on big MNCs but do not give opportunities to Singapore SMBs who could do probably do the same project more effectively and efficiently.

In this era of finding the “Better Faster and Cheaper” workforce where MNCs can just pack their bags and move operations to less expensive countries, Singapore’s current addiction to foreign MNCs might be our own downfall.

We need good policies and opportunities to encourage more Singaporeans to look at being their own startup and SMBs to play on level playing fields.

We need more Built-In-Singapore or Design-In-Singapore or Patented-In-Singapore companies to ensure a stronger foundation for our economy as we moved along the constant shifting sands of MNCs.

If you are an entrepreneur or SMB living in the East and want representation from other entrepreneurs in Singapore, the Worker’s Party for East Coast GRC and Joo Chiat SMC should be your choice!


The Workers’ Party rally also had an impact of the local economy on Saturday night. Many of the coffee shops around the area were extremely busy.

Coffee shops which didn’t have Premier League screenings were also unusually busy on the Saturday Night.

If fear that a WP GRC might harm the economy, last night’s rally proved otherwise. 


  1. Duncan C  

    May 1, 2011 at 5:19 PM

    I love the quote from the elder couple. By the way, should it be workers' party, rather than worker's party?

  2. Aaron Koh  

    May 1, 2011 at 5:33 PM

    Thanks Duncan.. making the edits now..

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