I knew of Mr Tan Kin Lian when he started his blog when he was CEO of NTUC Income.

It was unprecedented then for a local CEO to blog. I have faith that Mr Tan Kin Lian will continue to blog if he gets elected as President.

He can't share everything, but at least there will be some form of communication between him and Singaporeans.

Such openness in the Presidency will have an effect on the current or the future government to do likewise.

The other time I took notice of Mr Tan Kin Lian when he stood up for those affected by the minibonds saga.

HK investors were compensated but SG investors won't. Same bank, same investment product, different country, different rules.

Mr Tan stood up for them and helped them to get legal support. However, it was against Goliath so everything was against them.

I believe he would stand up for Singaporeans when the need arise.


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