(Update 26 August 2011 645pm – Kudos for Starhub for checking up with me directly after reading this blog post. They are currently investigating and will inform me of the status soon.)

After persuading my grandfather to switch from Singtel to Starhub Digital Line, the decision to switch have left my 90-year-old grandfather without a home number for three days, and counting, after the scheduled date of transfer.

My grandparents have been using Singtel for years and only finally decided to switch to Starhub Digital Line because of the cost savings it provided.

The date set for transfer from Singtel to Starhub was supposed to be on 23 August 2011. Singtel would cut the line from 10am – 12pm and Starhub would activate the Digital Home Line at 2pm – 4pm on the same day.

Singtel terminated the line as schedule but Starhub line as not activated as scheduled. There was no call from Starhub to inform of my grandfather of the delay.

My mom had to call to Starhub hotline to check on the status. The customer care service could not explain the situation but told my mom that the line would be activated within the next 24-48 hours.

24-48 hours came and passed and still no home line.

My mom had to call Starhub hotline again and each call meant she had to repeat the whole story again.

Finally, Starhub customer care consultant requested for my mom to give her the name of the Starhub consultant who handled the transfer forms at the store.

After a few minutes, that Starhub consultant called to say there are some technical issues with Starhub line and therefore resulted in the delay.

Yeah, right.

Our earlier experience with Starhub Digital Line was smooth and the line was transferred on time.

I guess I am just disappointed to have recommended a service but the service fails upon delivery.


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