(Update 25 August 2011 - 1125am: Chan Brothers have apologised, via email, to Daniel Goh and has since taken the photo off from their website and Facebook Page.)

A blogger discovered that one of his travel photos have been used without permission by a travel agency to promote a destination in Japan. The biggest irony - the photo used was taken at a wet market in Seoul, Korea.

Blogger Daniel Goh discovered that one of travel photos was being used by Chan Brothers to promote a wet market in Japan but he was not approached by the travel agency that his photo will be used to promote their “7D Perfectly Delicious Hakkaido with Celebrity Chef Eric Teo”.

The only problem was that the photo was shot at Noryangjin Fish Market in Korea.

Daniel Goh’s photo in Flickr.

Photo used at Chan Brother’s Facebook Page.

The two men walking down the market is clear evidence that the photo was taken off Daniel Goh’s Flickr account.

A comment on Daniel Goh’s Facebook  photo highlighted that the creative agency might have come across the photo because of Google Image Search. If one does a search on “Chuo Fresh Market”, Daniel’s photo would be first on the search engine.

The same photo appeared on Chan Brother’s website and is said to have also appeared in print brochures.

At time of posting this, Daniel commented on Chan Brother’s Facebook Page and reported the image as copyright infringement to Facebook. Chan Brother has yet to reply to Daniel.

In June 2011, Ink Global, the publishers of Jetstar Magazine, was also found to have used images from Flickr accounts without seeking permissions and appeared in a story in Today, a Singapore newspaper.

Wrote Today,

According to intellectual property laws in Singapore, copyright arises immediately upon creation and there is copyright protection as soon as the work is produced or fixed in a material form such as paper from which the work is capable of being reproduced.

If the copyright infringement was to obtain a commercial advantage, the infringer could be fined up to S$20,000 and a jail term of six months.


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