Divyesh Sejpal has a big reason to be angry with The Times of India and the agency TAPROOT INDIA – they took Divyesh photo from Flickr and turned it into an ad.

Wrote Divyesh on Facebook,

THEFT COMMITTED BY TIMES OF INDIA AND TAPROOT INDIA (the maker of famous Airtel Ad) from my photostream on flickr, (http://www.flickr.com/photos/dcsejpal/2138831766/in/set-72157600271993205) forget taking consent of usage of the image, I am not even informed. This is not only on my behalf.

All photographer friends suffer from this menace called THEFT. Large Scale violations of Copyrights at the hands of Publishers, Ad-agencies, Newspapers (however reputed they are) etc.

I am not against the cause in the advertisement. I am totally against stealing someone's work shamelessly and publishing in National Newspaper fearlessly. I am going to take it up to the highest level in the interest of all photographers who work hard and are taken for granted like this.

The result of the theft is at page 11 of Times of India, Ahmedabad Edition - may be in other editions too.


  1. Anonymous  

    December 10, 2011 at 6:33 PM

    Devyesh Sejpal should consider himself lucky that The Times of India and Taproot India has not dragged him to court for slander and defamation. This picture was available and is still available for copyright purchase on an getty images - an official photograph royalty website. This is the link to the picture: http://www.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.aspx?contractUrl=2&language=en-US&family=creative&p=111788293&assetType=image
    The Times of India and Taproot India have adhered to all copyright laws in making full and final payment for usage rights of the said image and have the documentary evidence as well as the official transaction records to back it up. It is people like Divyesh who give the internet a bad name with their 'shoot first, think later' cowboy attitude to society. By irrationally ranting against two companies who have followed all due legal procedure in purchase of this image he exposes the ridiculous malaise that is creeping into our society. Baseless accusatory behaviour, mindless mud slinging and allegations that have no basis. He should be careful about what he says and undo these posts or his addiction to fame at any cost will prove very expensive for him.

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