Organisation’s Name: Digital Life
Facebook Page:
Event: Comex2011
Registration Date: 29 August 2011 – 04 September 2011
Event Date: 01 September 2011 – 04 September 2011

Digital Life had a booth at Comex2011 and wanted to reward fans with access to exclusive Digital Life contest and freebies during the four-day consumer show.

How does it work?

Step 1– Fans hear about the upcoming event on Digital Life Fan Page.

Step 2 – They register their mobile number to get on the guest list, which creates a wall post for their friends to see.

Step 3 – On the day of the event, guests go to the venue and give their mobile number to a clerk at the Digital Life booth. The clerk enters the number into a PC application to check that the guest is registered, which causes a second status update to appear on friends’ news feeds, advertising a future event.


On the first day of announcing fan benefits at Comex2011, Digital Life received a total of 213 registrations, which published the same number of stories for friends to see.

Digital Life continued the registration and check-in throughout the four days of Comex2011, resulting in a total of 402 stories published on the fans’ walls. Taggo automatically links all wall posts to Facebook Sponsored Stories ads to increase impressions among friends. This resulted in both the wall posts and ads creating a total of 814,205 impressions among friends of fans and generated 504 clicks from friends. At the end of Comex2011, Digital Life acquired 1487 new fans.

Stories Published1

Story Impressions2

Story Clicks3

New Fans


Wall Posts: 60,300
FB Sponsored Stories: 751,084



(1) The number of stories that were published on the fan's wall from Taggo. A story is published when a fan registers their card or mobile number on your page, shops in your stores or checks into your event venues.

(2) The number of times your stories were shown to the fan's friends on Facebook, either in their News Feed or on the right of the page as an ad.

(3) The number of times friends clicked on a story.

For more information about Taggo Fan Recognition, please email info(at)


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