If you are a Singaporean and want to be happy as a Bhutanese, voting for PAP's Cedric Foo, MP for Pioneer, isn't the right MP for you.

Mr Cedric Foo was one of the other opponent of Ms Sylvia Lim, Workers' Party chairperson, proposal to put in a place a component in measuring happiness in Singapore.

Ms Lim said, as quoted in The Straits Times, "If the happiness and sustainability of Singapore's society is the overarching goal, then there's a need to unravel the exact relationship between high property prices and fertility and what responses might arrest or even reverse the decline in fertility rates."

Mr Cedric Foo, however, rebutted Ms Lim use of Bhutan as an example. Said Mr Foo, as quoted in The Straits Times, "I think the opposition member couldn't have chosen a more dissimilar country to compare Singapore with. We are exposed to the seas, exposed to the onslaught of competition from the world, we were dealt a different deck of cards... and we must find our own formula forward."

Ironically, Singapore, under the PAP Government, was one of the 66 nations who endorsed Bhutan's resolution at the United Nations General Assembly tittles Happiness: Towards A Holistic Approach To Development.

If Bhutan is not a country that Singapore can compare to in terms of happiness index, why did Singapore endorse Bhutan's resolution in the first place?

We are also always tasked to achieve Swiss standard of living. We don't have snow in Singapore and Switzerland is also land locked. Shouldn't a different country be used to compare the standard of living in Singapore too?

According to the Happy Planet Index on Wikipedia, Singapore was ranked 49 out of 143 countries. Neighbours Malaysia (ranked 33th), Indonesia (ranked 16th) and Philippines (ranked 14) had happier citizens than Singapore.  Thailand had more unhappy citizens as she was ranked 41.

As in Singapore pledge to "achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our people", what will Mr Cedric Foo pledge to do to achieve happiness for Singaporeans?


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