Why iMessage stands out

The feature that stands out the most from the latest iOS is iMessage.

Yes, Blackberry had the Blackberry Messenger and there were many iOS apps that provided free SMS services. 

However, Apple has created iMessage to be seamless to the iPhone user.  

First, there isn't another application for iMessage. It is integrated within the Messages application where you receive both your SMS and iMessage. 

With the Blackberry Messenger, you need to share with other Blackberry users your pin number. You do not have to do the same with iMessage.

iMessage will automatically detect if the other side is using iMessage. If you have 3G or Wifi, your messages will be send via iMessage. If data connection is switched off, it will send by SMS. 

So far, iMessage only allow you to send images while the other SMS applications like Whatapps allow you to send your location and video files. 

iMessage also allow you to receive messages via the iPad. This means if you have the iPhone or iPad, you be receiving alerts to the two devices. 

I have also heard that some iPhone and iPad users having problems upgrading to the new iOS 5 but I didn't face any problem with the upgrade. 


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