Will my son read print?

The video below about how a 1 year old thinks a magazine is a broken iPad is spreading across social networks.

The video also got me wondering if my son would be reading print in the next 20 years?

I was only introduced to a computer when I was 12. I clearly remembered it as I was supposed to be studying for the Primary School Leaving Examinations but sneak in a few hours of California Games on the 386 PC.

It was a huge PC and was running on five quarter inch floppy disk.

23 years later, my son’s first computing experience is the Apple iPad at the young age of two.

My son didn’t need to learn how DOS work. All he needed to do was press a button and swipe  his finger across the screen to get to the program he wants.

He enjoyed on demand video, via Youtube. Within a few weeks, he knew where to find the history button on the Youtube app to play videos he played a few minutes ago.

When he grows up to be a PEMB, would he still be reading print?


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