Sirily slower on Starhub than M1

I was sitting next to a friend for lunch and noticed that he had an iPhone 4s, just like me. Only difference was that he was on Starhub and I was on M1.

I asked him to try Siri and he was getting slow respond, and so we decided to do a speed test.

The above picture showed that M1 was giving shorter ping time (38ms) and had faster upload speed of 1.77Mbps.

Starhub had faster download speed (8.58Mbps) than M1s (5.51Mbps). Starhub ping time was at 131ms.

However, Starhub download speed was at 0.07Mbps which was 25 times slower than M1.

That explains the slow Siri respond. A difference in upload speeds of 25 times is something that should be of concern to Starhub users.

However, do not that this test was only done at one location, Marina Square Link, but it could be a concern because upload speeds are now as important as download speeds average due to the content creation tools that are now easily available on iPhones.

The ping times are also a concern because it shows that Starhub will take longer to communicate between your iPhone and the intended targeted server.

Haven't tried iPhone on Singtel yet, but it would be good if the media did a 3G shoot out between the three telcos.


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