Now that I have both a Starhub line and a M1 line (for the wife), it makes it easier to compare the two telcos side by side. And customer satisfaction doesn't just end at having a good network but also down to their apps.

I noticed that both Starhub and M1 have their own native iPhone apps which allows you to track your current bill and data usage. I tried both, but I stopped at the registration process for the Starhub app and have since removed it from the iPhonoe.

Here's why. After you install both apps, it will ask you for your mobile and password. For M1, the process was rather simple and fast as the registration only required your mobile number, IC number and password. These three are usually remembered by any Singaporeans.

In order to register a user id and password for the Starhub app, you need to enter, not three, but four unique IDs. There are your mobile number, IC number, account number and password.

Who actually remembers their account number?

Even when you pay your Starhub bill, the counter just scan your bill and tells you the amount you have to pay. If you don't have the bill with you, you just have to give your IC number and the staff will print the bill for you. It is very seldom that the counter staff ask you for your account number.

So why is it that when you set up access to the Starhub app, you need to fill in your account number too?

Starhub's tagline is that it is the smarter mobile network. They have smart people to ensure that with four unique IDs will prevent fraud, but that doesn't make them any friendlier than M1.


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