A blogging MRT train driver, who have gone by the name of Gintai, has been given a letter "advise" by his employers, SMRT, to stop commenting on company matters.

Wrote http://gintai.wordpress.com/,

When I told my No: 1 at TNM Crew station that I started a blog some time ago, he asked me if I could make money out of it? What’s the point of wasting my time writing blog posts? I retorted that at least I would have left something behind if I were gone tomorrow whereas he would have left nothing without any legacy. He smirked and snickered at my remark. 
Alas! HR got wind of it. In no uncertain terms, I was “advised” to refrain from commenting on company matters. A letter of “advice” will be issued to me. My hands are now tied. No more blogging on my job or SMRT related matters.
I do not wish to break my rice bowl.
I hope the above will clarify my status quo. Henceforth, I shall still continue with blogging but on other interests or subjects leaving out my job aspect to avoid infringing company’s policy and incur the wrath of those gods up there.
Gintai has been given insights into train operations. An example of his recent post at http://gintai.wordpress.com/2011/12/16/smrt-train-officer/ shared insights about being a SMRT train driver.

Gintai's blog also saw increased readership to the blog with the recent train breakdowns and a MP misquoted statement on language proficiency or rather the lack of it because of race.

SMRT's action in giving a letter of "advise" to Gintai would gather more backlash from the online community. Most of these netizens will soon start to clamour how SMRT's actions including limiting freedom of speech and expression of the Internet space.

Instead, SMRT should have taken this opportunity to work with this blogging community to reach out to the online community to spread information about the transport company. For example, they should have approach this driving blogger to find out drivers can be encouraged to take the initiative to help passengers during emergencies.

Thomas Friedman wrote in his recent column that in the age of social media "the role of the leader now is to get the best of what is coming up from below and then meld it with a vision from above". This is something SMRT should take into heavy consideration moving forward.


  1. gintai  

    December 27, 2011 at 10:32 PM

    Thank you for highlighting my status quo. I appreciate.

  2. Anonymous  

    December 28, 2011 at 12:35 AM

    Gintai you are a brave person.
    GOD bless you.

    Those parasites that you acknowledge them as "GOD" (which i know is just a sarcastic remarks) is really disgrace to the REAL ONE.

    Karma is real just matter of time only.

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