For more information on setting up a fan club, please email aaron(at)

Rock and Ash was looking for a way to provide instant rewards for fans of their handmade burgers. They also wanted to increase their Facebook fan base from walk in customers. With Taggo, Rock and Ash was able to launch a fan club based on their existing Facebook Page within one hour and at minimum cost.

Poster informing customers/fan of benefits of joining Fan Club
How does it work?

Customers visit Rock and Ash Singapore at Marina Square Link and see posters enticing them with a 20% discount to join the Rock and Ash Fan Club. Customers scan a QR code or enter the given URL ( to like the page and register their mobile phone number.

Customers then tell the cashier their mobile number and the cashier enters it into the Taggo POS application. Once identified as a fan, the cashier will give the customer the 20% discount.

What were the results?
Rock and Ash new fans
Rock and Ash acquired 205 new fans in just one month of the launch of the fan club. In comparison, it took them six months to acquire this same number of new fans previously. Each check-in generated over 1, 600 advertising impressions among friends on Facebook.  This high-rate of impressions could potentially have a high impact on brand awareness for Rock and Ash.

Stories Published1
Story Impressions2
Story Clicks3
New Fans

(1) The number of stories that were published on the fan's wall from Taggo. A story is published when the cashier check-in the fan at the counter. (2) The number of times your stories were shown to the fan's friends on Facebook, either in their News Feed or on the right of the page as an ad. (3) The number of times friends clicked on a story.

Other Fan Clubs launched include Charlie Brown Cafe and Sticky Singapore.

For more information on setting up a fan club, please email aaron(at)


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