Most IT vendor will tell you that they have up to 99.99% reliability. This means that for an entire year, the system will be down 0.01% of the time, or 52.44 mins for the entire year of 2012 as it is a leap year.

eNets, however, lost that 99.99% reliability score on the first day of 2012 along by being down for 11 hours. This means eNets has a reliability score of 99.87% for the year 2012.

eNets went down because the company forgot to renew the domain,, on time. eNets failure meant that many websites, especially those for government sites, were not able to pay with eNets online payment system.

mrbrown, a popular Singapore blogger, noted that eNets did renew their domain but only for one year.

Wrote mrbrown,
One year?! Are you guys planning to be around in the epayments business next year? Are domain names so expensive that you can only afford a one-year renewal (which you might forget to renew again)?
If an epayments company cannot keep track of a simple thing like a domain name, I shudder to trust them with the integrity of my online payments.
 As more Singaporeans become more IT proficient, they depend on online payment systems, like eNets, to operate 24/7.

A online payment down because of expired domain can cause longer delays as ISP DNS servers in the world takes up to 24 hours to propagate.


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