I am on the 12GB  monthly mobile data plan and I seldom get pass 4Gig per month. But if you are looking to get more data from your monthly usage, I found the Onavo app that lets you do just that.

The Onavo app is the mobile data tracker app which allows you to track the size of data that you use to visit a website or when you are using an app.

For iPhone users, it helps to compress your data so you utilise a smaller data size from your data plan.

From the session details above, it shows that the app helps to save data usage especially for apps and the web. 

I was testing out the McDelivery SG app and the Onavo app was able to save up to 71% of data used. Maybe McDelivery should look their app to reduce data usuage.

The Onavo app doesn't save much on video/audio though.

This screenshot came with only 1 hour of usage so it would great to see how much savings can occur in a month.


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