(Update: mrbrown replied that he did interview a MPMr Baey Yam Keng, Post-65 Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar GRC. Then again, Mr Baey day job is to speak to the media.)

The first part of the title above came from Jeff Jarvis' latest post.  This will definitely ruffle the feathers of the journalists in mainstream media in Singapore, but the points raised by Jeff resonates the same effect mrbrown has on wild west of social media in Singapore. So is mrbrown a journalist?

After Jeff attended a "live" recording of John Steward, Jeff was determined to start a course on journalism via jokes.

Wrote Jeff,

Jon Stewart regularly demurs when we journalists try to drag him into our sad fraternity. Well, bullshit. His interview tonight with Republican Sen. Jim DeMint was journalism at its best....
...He’s in favor of government when it adds value and security to citizens’ lives. He does his homework. He knows his facts...
...There’s a larger lesson here about jokes as journalism. So next, I urge you to listen to Ethan Zuckerman’s lecture on cute cats and revolution on the wonderful CBC series Ideas. Ethan talks about humor as a means to get around censorship. I listened to his talk a day after hearing Richard Gingras, now head of Google News, talking at a symposium on entrepreneurial journalism organized by Dan Gillmor at Arizona State about how difficult it is for algorithms to recognize humor...
So far, mrbrown has not interviewed any SG politicians, but it seems like this is more of the case of politicians here worried of being made fun of, or rather the fear of being misunderstood. However, most recently, the mrbrown shows have been about him being a member of parliament addressing his constituents on Youtube.

In the Youtube video below, mrbrown lampoons a Singapore Minister (that of the parliament kind) on the recent proposed cuts affecting ministers.

This video itself showed that mrbrown has "done his homework" and he "knows his fact". Most importantly, the most important message that mrbrown looks to tell the SG government is it doesn't matter you get a pay cut, Singaporeans is "in favor of government when it adds value and security to citizens’ lives".

By now, if you are a SG journalist in one of the mainstream media reading this, you have set your mind to the fact that mrbrown is no journalist because he isn't interviewing anybody and he doesn't work for The Straits Times or Today.

Yet, the video resonates the sentiment felt by many Singaporeans that the ministers' pay are still too high, or that these minister are too highly perched on the ivory tower. 

To be fair, the media here are running articles to give both side of the coin, but the real questions seem never asked the media. These questions may end up censored to give a sunny view of acceptance by the people.

Just Malcome X said "If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing", humour is the medicine we need to laugh at the people who are doing the oppressing.


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