AirAsia tag line is "Everybody can fly", but when it comes to their call centre, it is "Everybody must wait long long".

As such, I thought I hightlight this bug so you don't have to go through this waiting game.

I did a booking online for a trip and I usually choose seat allocation so my family can sit together. This cost me an extra SGD9 per trip.

When I reach the payment summary page, the cost for seat allocation is there.

I usually choose to pay by eNets. To my surprise, the total payment for the flights have been reduced. I didn't go through the process.

However, I found that the seat allocation cost was removed from the the total eNets payment. This meant that the my seat wasn't booked.

This seamless e-booking system wasn't that seamless.

The solution to this pain is to skip the seat allocation process on your first booking of the flight. Only book the seats when you do a web check-in.

Though the solution is a bit more tedious, it is better than to find you dais not book any seats when you are already at the airport. Also this reduces the time spent on waiting for a human to talk to you through AirAsia call centres.


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