According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Westpac Bank is going on a delete rampage on its Facebook Page after the bank decided to retrench staff and increase interest rates.

Wrote The Sydney Morning Herald,

Negative comments posted on Westpac's Facebook page over the past week have been deleted within minutes, which has prompted accusations of a ''propaganda campaign'' by the bank.
But Westpac has defended the practice, claiming that ''partisan views'' could deter customers from researching its financial products on social media sites.

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Deleting posts only generate more coverage as it creates the perception that the bank has something to hide.

One Facebook user wrote on Westpac Bank's wall,
Pity to see Westpac censoring public comments on its public media sites - as a Westpac shareholder, I believe the bank must understand the depth of public anger and concern over rate rises. If you choose to advertise on public media sites then you need to accept what feedback comes your way. If you can't stand the heat, then get out out the kitchen


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