Here is a lesson in the importance of punctuation marks. A missing or out of place mark would change the entire meaning of the sentence.

Channel NewsAsia original headline was Hougang residents has been misled by WP : Khaw. This story was in response to the immediate expulsion of Workers' Party  Hougang's MP Yaw Shin Leong.

For some strange httml reason with the CNA website, Facebook and Google strip away the ":" and that changed the context of the headline.

Channel NewsAsia headline on Facebook  puts Minister Khaw as WP member
and faults him for misleading Hougang Residents
Google also shows the misled headline
CNA web developers better look at how their html display special characters as it could cause major embarrassment, especially to those who are not so sure of the Singapore political scene.

By the way, the most common phrase that appeared on social media about Khaw's comment was "those who live in glass house should not throw stones". In this misled punctuation mark scenario, it speaks volume.


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