The headline of the article at highlighted the Jim Pasqurell, DBS managing director of compliance services and security, has resigned due to health reasons. 


"DBS said its managing director of compliance services and security, Jim Pasqurell, has tendered his resignation due to health issues but added that ongoing investigations will not be hampered by his departure.

Mr Pasqurell, 62, will remain with the bank until end-May to ensure a smooth transition process."

According to LinkedIn, Mr Pasqurell joined DBS in November 2010. Prior to joining DBS, Mr Pasqurell was with CitiGroup for 10 years 10 months. 

The resignation came in an awkward time when DBS, Asia's safest bank, saw unauthorised withdrawal from its customers' ATM account for the second time recently.  

You can draw your own conclusions about the real reason for Mr Pasqurell's sudden resignation.


  1. Anonymous  

    March 1, 2012 at 7:47 PM

    It's a no brainer! Media have been surprisingly polite given the circumstances.

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