The availability of broadband at homes has made the home office a viable alternative to renting office space. HDB rules have also made it easier for entrepreneurs to set up offices at homes, aka HDB flats, Condos.

However, an ex-IT journalist for Digital Life found that HP Singapore's delivery services felt that a office by another name would not have the same sweet smell.

Wrote this ex-IT journalist on Facebook,

Wahleow HP delivery... we can't send to you in the day coz we only deliver to office addresses in the day. We can't drop off your package at the guard house because we need you to sign it. Just a little inflexible, you think!?!!

This may not be the direct fault of HP Singapore, but the IT MNC should take a hard relook at the policies of the delivery service to ensure that office IT products can be delivered to homes as more look at these venues as home offices.

Otherwise, such home offices will move away from HP and look at competitors who do delivery to their homes. Somebody like Dell.


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