Blogger, Calvin Timothy Leong, was doing his bit to increase awareness of the fund raising efforts of Boy's Town. The Boy's Town needed money "to renovate their building to have a proper upkeep", or otherwise The Boy's Town will be repossessed by $1.

However, the folks at Singapore Land Authority or SLA felt that Calvin took the "warning" letters too much of a threat and have "asked" Calvin to amend his blog post.

Tweeted Calvin,

Instead of asking Calvin to amend his post, SLA should have left a comment sharing with readers of the steps it took to work with Boy's Town to extend their lease on the premises.

SLA should have also taken the addition steps to explain why they have taken the steps to warn the Boy's Town that renovation is necessary for them.

Asking a blogger to amend or remove tags is akin to extreme authoritarianism where you want to control something that is not in your control.

Work with the blogger to gain social media karma. Working against the blogger will only gain social media backlash from the online community.


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