The Sunday Times today report on the teacher-student relationship highlighted that schools here are prohibiting teachers from being friends with their students to prevent any possibility of crossing the line.

Yet to deny teachers using social media to reach out to students makes the school sounds draconian.

The simple solution is to get the school should encourage teachers to set up Facebook Pages to communicate with their students.

The Facebook Page for the teacher can be set to public so that communication between students is for all to see, even for parents.

The teacher Facebook Page can also have the principle or a parent to be administrator of the Page to ensure both students and teacher do not cross the line.

These Pages can also be liked by parents so the teacher can also update them on upcoming activities. For example, set up an event page for the upcoming test or exams.

If the student is no longer in the teacher's class, both students and parents can simply unlike the Page to stop getting updates.

If the teacher moves to another school, the teacher can easily change the I do to indicate as such. Students of the former school can the choose to unlike or continue to be part of this Fan Page.


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