Microsoft is looking to bring over its campaign from the US to invite the Singapore consumers to bring down their existing and compete with the Windows phone. Unfortunately, local slang gives the tagline a undesirable meaning in this game of speed.


"Think you have the fastest non-Windows Phone mobile? Get ready to be Smoked by Windows Phone and if you do win, you’ll get a chance of walking away with S$100. Check out more info and the official Smoked by Windows Phone videos."

However, most Singaporeans, especially those who have served in the Army, would view the word "smoked" in a different light.

According to dictionary of Singlish terms, 

"SMOKE/THROW SMOKE  (Contributed by Bertha)
A term derived from the Army, where smoke is used to conceal tactical operations. Means to bluff, cause a diversion, confuse someone or bullshit. It's used commonly during examinations, when someone has no idea how to answer the question and has to bullshit all the way.
1. "I know you and Ah Huay are going pak tor. Don't try and smoke me"
2. "Wah lao, the essay question so cheem, donno what to write. So I just anyhow write anything, lor. Aiyah, just smoke all the way can oreddy, lah.""

Like in any marketing campaign, if you can't convince, confuse them. 


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