BMW SG ran an ad on Sunday with four women in a car, presumably a BMW, with the tagline "BMW Premium Selection. Certified Pre-Owned."

The focus was obviously not on the BMW car.

From a Facebook user.

Another ad appeared Monday to explain to readers that the ad in the papers the day before was an April Fool's joke. When a joke needs to be explained, it is a failed joke.

From the same Facebook user.

The target of the joke was obviously to BMW's male audience only and shouting out to the women readers that only men can have access to BMW premium selection. Given that women today in Singapore have almost the same opportunities as men, this April Fool's joke smack straight to create the perception of male chauvinism.

This joke enforces the stereotyping of Singapore women to be materialistic as they can be easily be pre-owned, presumably with a BMW, even to a stage of being certified. 

The worst part of it is the timing of the joke. With recent news of " a former principal at a top school and several senior Public Servants had been called up as part of a police investigation into an online prostitution ring"(Source), this ad only serves to encourage that women can be bought and owned, again presumably with a BMW.

One commenter even highlighted that the ad reminded him of the "fish-tanks" found in most red light districts, except this time they are available for selection on a certified pre-owned BMW.

It is shocking that such an April Fool's joke manage to get  BMW brands communication approval.


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