I never liked to micromanaged or to be micromanaged.

I have heard stores of how bosses micromanaged to the extend they want to determine the colour of the pen to give to the media at press conferences.

However, I learnt that like in any management, both micro and macro, are necessary for success.

I took on the responsibility to launch two new features on our iOS app and needed a turn around time of one week.

Over the weekend, I worked closely, virtually though, with the developer to get the basic graphical layout done. After this is done, all that is needed was to plug in the APIs, and tests.

My method if micromanagement was to reflect the same effort of my developer's weekend sacrifice by responding quickly to comments on each new build.

It worked and we had the graphical layout ready on the weekend.

You may not consider this as micromanagement but I do. In the past, I would have just thrown the project specs to the developer and just expect the final product from him.

By responding quickly, the developer was also able to make the changes fast.

It a also important to show appreciation at the end of the day when you know you are micromanaging.

Micromanagement, to a certain degree, can reflect the importance in the project and also show the same level of effort as a team.


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