(Update: I recently wrote about the benefits of using Fan Clubs opposed to Facebook Offers. Fan Clubs convert your Facebook Page into a Loyalty Fan Club. )

Facebook Offers have started to appear on selected Pages. 

According to Facebook, "Offers are a great way to drive new people to your business and to engage your customers. They also encourage people to talk about your Page when your offers are shared between friends."

"Offers are free for admins to create and share but are only available to a small number of local business Pages."

To set up Facebook Offers, you will need to check if your Page has been given the Offer option in the status update. 

Once you selected the Offers, all you need to do is add a thumbnail, a 90 character text long header of your offer, the expiry date and terms and conditions of your offer.

Your fans will see the Offer as the status update. All they need to do is to click on Get Offer (for first time users) or Resend Offer.

Facebook will then send an email to the fan's Facebook email address about the offer. 

All the fans need to do is to show this email on their mobile phone at the counter.

To take a look at Soho Coffee Facebook Offers, please visit http://www.facebook.com/sohocoffeesg.


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