I picked up from Twitter that there was a Yahoo press conference yesterday and how the Yahoo head of digital marketing solutions group Vaasu Gvarasana was looking to defend the ailing online juggernaut of the dotcom era.

This got me thinking of how Yahoo is being used in my family household and that could predict the future of Yahoo.

The only person in my household who uses Yahoo is my mom who uses Yahoo Mail and play Yahoo Games.

If a relative were to have bought a new notebook and is looking to go online, she would recommend, well,Yahoo.

However, if you go one generation down, her children are either on Google's Gmail or on Facebook.

There are occasional clicks to Yahoo news but only thanks to Facebook's trending news.

Two generations later, my four-year-old son is able to identify both Facebook and Google's Youtube's logo on the iPad. If I were to show him the Yahoo logo, I am sure he will just swipe his hand towards Youtube because of the infinite Transformer videos he can find there.

When he grows up, my son would definitely be asking, "Yahoo who?".


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