"PayPal Goes Offline" headline from Page 3 of Digital Life, the weekly IT supplement with Singapore's The Straits Times.

Wrote Seow Tein Hee, "..When a customer makes the payment. the system also makes a post about the discount on his Facebook Wall, creating a word-of-mouth campaign about the merchant and its offer.

Local start-up Taggo is the technology provider behind this new Facebook cum mobile payment service.

Taggo's chief executive, Mr Aneace Haddad, believes product discounts are essential if customers are to be persuaded to try out new and unfamiliar methods of payments.

"The social nature of our Fan Club Facebook app makes it a power yet subtle impact for both merchants and customers. Merchants will be able to further develop their social media pressence further, at no extra costs beyond the nominal transaction fees given to payment companies," said Mr Haddad."


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