Xiaxue maybe the perceived blogger queen in Singapore, it turned out that she may not be the No 1 Blogger in Singapore.

According to Starcount, a new web service that charts popularity of brands, websites, bloggers, etc on social media, the title of No 1 Blogger in Singapore goes to Merry Rina.

Starcount ranks social media stars, brands, and the likes based on their quantitative results from social networks. 

Though Xiaxue has more Facebook fans then Merry Rina (97,806 vs 52,622), Merry Rina has more followers on Twitter (398,592 vs 106,706). 

However, Xiaxue does edge out Merry Rina in Youtube views as the latter does not have a Youtube account. 

As such, Merry Rina Tweeter followers gives her the edge over Xiaxue. 

It is indeed a numbers game. 

Starcount is releasing the first phrase of its campaign where it looks to get web visitors to get discover the site and other unknowns from its charts.

For example, did you know that Leon Jay Williams is the All time most popular Singapore celebrity in social media beating Mediacorp actress Fann Wong.

In the prelaunch for bloggers, Starcount announced that it is going to launch the Social Star Awards, to be held in Singapore, which the organisers will want it to be the "Oscars" of social media. 

Unlike the Oscars, the Social Star awards will be judged by fans.

In addition, the most popular fan will be given a chance to fly over to Singapore to hand over the award to the most popular celebrity.

For example, if Lady Gaga was awarded the most popular celebrity in social media, her top fan would be handing her the award. 

Head over to Starcount and start building your own popularity charts in social media. 

Will you be surprised by the results or discover new mentions in social media that will interest you?


  1. Anonymous  

    July 29, 2012 at 10:09 PM

    Then on what basis does Xiaxue claims to be No. 1 ?

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