A girl, which social media described as the Ah Lian of the week, gave up her seat on the MRT to an Auntie, and instead of being thanked, this Ah Lian was screamed at. (Video of fight after the lyrics.)

So I dedicated this lyrics to that unknown Ah Lian.. Sung to the tune of Carly Ray Jepsen "Call Me Baby" and lots of Singlish. 

I threw my ass of my seat, 
Don't ask me, you never say.
I looked at you scared you fall,
and now you scold me everytime...

I trade my sit just to stand, 
MRT seats very ex siah..
I wasn't looking for this, 
but now you're in my face.

Your stare was scary, Yellow shirt, with saliva spitting.
Hot train, air con not blowing, 
Why you think you can shout at me....

Hey, I just met you,
and this is crazy, 
But here is my seating, 
why scold me, Auntie?

It's hard to look right, 
at you Auntie,
but here is my seating, 
why scold me, Auntie?

And all the other passengers,
try to bochap you,
but here's my seating,
why scold me, Auntie?

Here is the video of the shouting match in the MRT..


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