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Join the Charly T's Fan Club at http://fanclub.sg/charlytssg and get 20% off a la carte items with PayPal. Charly T's is at NOMU, besides Cathy building, and Katong I12.

http://yumyumformytumtum.com wrote,

"Charly T’s love for Rotisserie Chicken was first conceived in Hamburg, where he grew up in. His signature dish comes in 4 flavours, priced at $13-$15 for a quarter chicken with 2 sides, $24-$27 for half a chicken with 3 sides and $42-$46 for a whole chicken with 4 sides. In line with its new outlet opening, Charly T’s has conceptualized 2 new flavours (Black Pepper and Kansas City BBQ), adding on to the previous 2 (Original and Kampong). 
Amongst the differing flavours, I felt that the main difference lies in the chicken skin rather than the meat, where the infusion of flavours from the marinate is most apparent, especially since the chickens are marinated for a whooping 13 hours before being slowed-cooked rotisserie style.  
What you get thereafter is a crisp exterior and juicy meat one can never find in a Cold Storage Roast Chicken."

Full review can be found at http://yumyumformytumtum.com/2012/04/10/charly-ts-spreading-its-wings/


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