The Editor-in-Chief of CardsNow! & PassAgeNow! magazines. Fredy Yiap, has found himself "blacklisted" by Bank Negara, Malaysia's Central Bank, because of cards which HSBC, MBF/Ambank and Eon (now Hong Leong Bank) call centers failed to "cancelled".

HSBC even upgraded Fredy's card status even when he called to cancel that particular card.

Wrote Fredy on his Facebook Profile,

"Never have I so pissed with cardians!!
I am now in the blacklist of Bank Negara because of these banks:-
1) HSBC (Amount owed : RM 0.05) They issued me a Visa Platinum in 2008/2009, I didn't like it and cancelled it. Few months later, they upgraded my "cancelled" Visa Platinum to Signature card, and during that process, left a rounding up 5 cents in the account. The customer service said it might take weeks to months to reverse that big deal RM 0.05 OUT!
2) MBf/Ambank (Amount owed : RM 50.00) When the 1st World card was out in Malaysia, MBf's President John Ding issued me their pride! When Bank Negara charged RM 50 GST, I told MBf to cut the card, and somehow, someone forgot to do so! The RM 50 has since been sent as Line of Credit to Ambank. Both banks' customer service said they do not have my names/accounts in their system to reverse it out. Finally, the hero is the "new" MBf's President Gan Kheng Chai, who assured me he would settle it! Thanks Gan!
3) EON/HL Bank (Amount owed : RM 50.00) The Platinum card issued by EON's CEO Michael Lor suffered the same fate during the GST debacle. Now that the files are with Hong Leong Bank, their customer service said it might take 3-6 months to reverse it out as it involves our Royal Malaysian Customs!!!
Now I finally understand when my friends said they found it extremely hard to deal with card centres!!"

The above shows the disconnect between the banks' call center and their internal processes. The disconnect being so great, one needs to go to the very top to get things done.


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