In the first three seconds of the trailer above, the boy asked what are movie tickets as piracy killed cinemas and that killed the movie tickets.

But piracy may not have killed movie tickets, QR Codes did.

This is the QR Code ticket from GSC  android app.
Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) in Malaysia has released their android app which allows you to purchase movie tickets on your smart phone. 

Besides the obvious that you can skip the queue when you purchase it on the phone, you do not need to even bother with the movie tickets.

All you need is to get this QR code scanned upon entry, you are in. 

The lack of holding a physical ticket, however, can be a little uneasy, especially when you have seen movies for many years with a ticket in your hand.

While mobile is cool, GSC should look at adding some social elements where you can share the movie you just watched or even buy tickets for your friends. 


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