Almost all social media team will tell you that your customers wants to have a relationship with your brand. But are customers really looking for that brand relationship?

In the "From social media to Social CRM",  a IBM Institute for Business Value sponsored white paper showed some surprising results. 

This results of the white paper was summarised by David Sims of 

Wrote David
Here are the top three reasons customers give for interacting with businesses via social media, with the percentage of respondents giving the answer:
Get a discount - 61 percent.
Make a purchase - 55 percent.
Read reviews and product rankings - 53 percent.
Now here are the top three reasons businesses think customers interact with them via social media:
Learn about new products - 73 percent.
General information - 71 percent.
Submit opinion on products or service - 69 percent.
Surprised by the results? David was.
"Huh?" businesses ask. "But I thought you were interested in... learning about me. All you want is... discounts? We have a relationship, don't we?"
It's embarrassing. While 64 percent of businesses think customers interact with them on social media to "feel connected," only 33 percent of customers say they do. And in an almost achingly sweet misperception, 61 percent of businesses think customers interact with them via social media to "be part of a community," whereas only 22 percent of customers actually do.
You might survey is a survey. However, our own Fan Club results show that customers, with Facebook accounts, are indeed looking for discounts then building the relationship. 

The Rocky's Pizza Fan Club is a perfect example of this. 

In just three months, Rocky's Pizza Page has generated 500+ new likes, with a majority coming from"liking" the page to get a 20% discount at the store. 

If you have clicked on the Fan Page, you will noticed that the Page doesn't have as much content as most Facebook pages. Yet 500 new likes was achievable by Rocky Pizza's Fan Club.  In comparison, we have found Pages that have put in lots of effort to create content to build relationships with fans but only generate like 1-5 new likes per month. 

Yes, customers on social networks are looking for discounts, not relationship.


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